I Drink Lead Paint? 

What exactly might happen if you took a self-portrait every day for 2 years?

Every day. For 2 years.

A brain left to dream up something different every day.

The answer is Mr Flibble. A curious individual inhabiting an unfathomable place somewhere between outright bewilderment and a pair of knitted socks you last saw whilst on holiday in Mongolia. Sometimes quirky and fun. Sometimes dark. Always slightly odd.

With millions of views and thousands of fans worldwide, Mr Flibble is a little humbled by the attention, but he loves what he does and is thankful for your support.

The book

I Drink Lead Paint is the resulting book everyone has asked for. Born from countless hours of taking and editing photos every day, it’s a smorgasbord of splendid and the perfect way to experience a little dollop of insanity.

The book contains many more photos than this small selection, but it gives you some idea of the time and undertaking that brought it about in the first place.


    A small selection of Mr Flibble's portraits.


A small selection of Mr Flibble's portraits.