Uncle Spike's dry and irritable scalp made him the perfect candidate for experimental shampoos.B-Men:  WoolverineThe highly anticipated BoyZ iN Sink reunion tour turned out to be their last.The daily struggle against excessive saliva.I just love babies!The new experimental sentient clingfilm is a little feisty...B-Men:  MystaqueStrategies to avoid your head getting too big.B-Men:  MagkneetoIt's a privilege to clean Matron's private quarters.Your name's not down you're not coming in.Take a look into my soul.Hard to believe, but in an independent survey, 99 out of 100 men said they preferred blondes.B-Men:  CycleopsYou cant hide anything from me.Apparently books don't just write themselves.Dr White's assassination by ninjas came as a bit of a shock.In hindsight I wish I'd paid the extra for the parachute.Being swallowed by a chicken is overrated...He was popular with the ladies.We can make you better...It's time for your medication Mr Flibble.And then I found a key...Avast ye!Back to the drawing board for this research facility.The unexpected boxing heavyweight champion of the institution.Welcome to the club.Nobody understood why Doctor spot's patients never returned.The self preservation society.Finally a cure for balloonitis.B-Men:  Storm in a teacupHooked.Tell me child did you live a good life?Red or dead.I'm so glad you decided to join us.The responsibility to prevent the perfect storm escaping.Ow ow ow ow ow.You're already dead.Were the downtown streets safer with Gertrude's daily patrols?The very bestest medicine.We might have to consider a queue jump...Better to burn out than fade away.Look smart or die tying.Why do people say they like browsing.Pushing up daisies.They locked me away and said I was mad.Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'.The voices the voices.The new contact lenses are taking some getting used toHe said he just wanted to cuddle.Tongue tied.Proper smoking attire.This was going to be a swingers party to remember.For more photos, check out Mr Flibble's book.

I Drink Lead Paint

I Drink Lead Paint is the home of Mr Flibble and his absurd self-portraits. He doesn’t get out much, so thank you so much for dropping by. I hope you find it to be a place of utmost splendidness.

You can of course peruse his bizarre and creative self-portraits here or buy his catchily named book, I Drink Lead Paint.

Very exciting.

Kick back, grab a tin of your favourite paint, take a healthy swig and enjoy his absurd photos.